Josef Pöhl in Parschnitz
RIEFLER pendulum, 40 days power reserve

Austria, circa 1910

Austrian precision regulator clock with rare type K RIEFLER temperature-compensated pendulum No. 1252, DRP 100870 and adjusting weight.

Trapezoid-shaped brass movement with a power reserve of 40 days. Graham escapement, pallets of the anchor with inlaid stones.

Beautiful blued steel hands, silvered engraved regulator dial signed "Josef Pöhl in Parschnitz". At the time this regulator was built, Parschnitz was part of the Austrian Empire, nowadays it is in the Czech Republic

Sigmund Riefler (1847 – 1912) was a German physicist, inventor and precision clockmaker, he is unanimously regarded as the maker of some of the most acurate clocks ever built. .

Peace of mind guaranteed : This regulator cloc is in perfect working order, its movement has been fully overhauled in our workshop.


Overall height: 146 cm (57 ½")
Width 45 cm (18")
Depth 23 cm (9")


CHF 25'000 (excl. tax)